The Wonder Of It All

12417839_536619703172051_3533392532454891213_n (2) Have you ever stopped to think about the wonder of everything around you?   Have things including life itself become too ordinary — too mundane, too stale?

Jesus told His disciples that “unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matt. 18:3) . The immediate context is a lesson in humility. Children are not filled with pride and worldly ambition. C. S. Lewis saw even more here,  and I think he was right. He saw that children are willing to take risks, and explore. They wonder at things.  Christians must be willing to risk their lives serving God. Christians should look at the world with newness and freshness, to explore His world and wonder at all He has given us.

How do we get past the mundane to the wonder of it all — the wonder of it all is that the world doesn’t have to be the way it is — in fact, it doesn’t have to be. Life itself is a gratuitous gift from a loving Creator. Can we let our eyes  look beyond the mundane routine of life, the hurts inflicted by others, and the uncertainties of life and see some wonder in each day?

Truly there are no ordinary things. If we can only open our eyes wide enough, we can see –.the sun coming up in the morning, the beauty of the sky, the trees, the flowers, the smell of fresh rain, that fresh cup of coffee or glass of refreshing water, that delicious meal, your favorite dessert, the gift of electricity, a hot shower,  your home, the small child that waved at you in the grocery store, your own children or grandchildren,  singing,  the good book you are reading, the gift of laughter — and the list goes on and on. Pause throughout the day. Enjoy your food. Reread the paragraph that made you think or made you feel happy.  Be thankful to the loving Creator. Wonder at the things around you and let the wonder always point you to the gracious Creator.

And wonder at the greatest wonder of it all — the good news of Jesus Christ. All good news has the character of surprise. The good news of Jesus the Christ is no different. Aren’t we surprised each time we read the story or hear it told?  Surprised that the Creator came and rescued His creation from sin and death? That the Creator was willing to die on the cross for us?  Yes, the word gospel means good news, and it is indeed good news. It is the good news about Christ and His kingdom — about His coming again!  In a world of darkness the good news is Light.

Yes, the world is sinful. But Christ has the power to change everything. Isn’t that exciting? The gospel is good news. Good news. The majority may reject it. They may love darkness rather than the light. But the gospel is still the good news of King Jesus.

Christ has the power to change our mundane lives and give them meaning and excitement. The King is coming! Can there by anything more exciting than that truth?

He is the true wonder of it all and He is coming!




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